curb your enfoodiasm

Curbside Pivot | Integrated curbside pickup system

desperate times… tasty measures.

Curbside Pivot ain’t take-out… its dine-in at home. We re-imagine your dine-in experience as a take-home atmosphere providing an easy, seamless way for you to adapt with current times.  In other words… Together, we’re gonna make take-out awesome.

the platform

Start taking orders in less than 48hrs with a streamlined, easy to navigate cloud based platform. With features  like timed pre-order slots, inventory management, SMS notifications & 2 way chat – yes… life is sounding good. Built with the award winning Cloud Waitress engine we boast a 99% uptime on blazing fast & secure servers.

the order

Guests order your take out experience online, seamlessly integrated into your existing site.

the pickup

Guests arrive at your store and text in their order number.

the fun

Your bring them epic food. nomnomnom

the experience

You’ve spent years building your brand and we won’t let it be ruined by styrofoam boxes and luke warm meals. We work with the immersive design agency, Tusq Inc, to create connected, at home experiences, custom built to your brand and personality. In short… you make the food… we’ll make the experience.

designed by designers

Your store seemlessly integrates into your site and brand. No fuss, no muss. Leverage your loyal customer base and stop sharing

live events

Every month we throw a series of connected events exclusive to CP Vendors and their customers. Live streamed trivia nights, online festivals and exclusive content. In short CP Vendors and their customers have fun… at home.

subscription clubs

Your regulars love you, you love them, they should get something awesome. In a Curbside Pivot first, we create exclusive subscription based content for your regular customers. Cocktail clubs, secret menus, exclusive content… mmmm tasty.

the support

We are a Canadian company, born and raised in the great city of Hamilton. What does this mean? It means you get awesome. 24hr onboard turn around time, your own dedicated support staff and customer platform support so you can spend more time making food and less time dealing with boring things.


Send us a menu, send us photos, get seling in under 24hrs. On site printing? 48hrs*. Basically, do nothing, get a store

canadian support

You’re personal support agent is available anytime 9-5 EST. Which means, you’ve got help anytime you need it.

end user support

Your customers can contact us anytime for support. Issues on payment, wrong orders, running late… all that is ported to us. No more annoying phone calls for you… Yay!

what it costs

CONTRACTS? Nope. FOREVER FREE? Yup..  CP passes on a platform charge of 5% to your customers which means, you don’t pay a single thing, (Take that Mr. Uber). Of course, the bank makes ya pay some fees (2.9% + 30c… yuck), but other that you keep all the cash you normally would. Yassss.

go curbside in less than 48hrs

– Fully branded & integrated shop site
– 24hr on-boarding
– Canadian Support
– Unlimited amounts of awesome


why curbside pivot?

safer, better, funner

You already operate at regulated hygiene standards, Curbside Pivot allows maximum control of cleanliness and distancing. A contactless system from start to finish, no more worrying about whose been in the car of a delivery driver!

maximize your cash

No upfront costs and the lowest transaction fees in the industry (5%+ Transaction fee) Curbside Pivot keeps puts more money into your pockets, allowing you to keep staff more, grow customers and thrive in uneasy times

cause we love you

As fellow owners, we know how crazy these times are. We’re just here to get ya online and moving as quick as we can

who we are

Curbside Pivot was created by by owners, for owners. In other words… we ain’t a corporate giant just tryin’ to make a buck. We’re committed to you do doing what you do best… making awesome moments happen.

go curbside

We are live everywhere. Contact us today and lets get partying.

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