curb your enfoodiasm

Curbside Pivot | Your favourite food, curbside

hello tasty.

We are Curbside Pivot. We love to eat food… real food… not this take-out-in-a-styrofoam-box type, but the sit-down-with-friends-in-a-cool-place type. We bring your favourite restaurant experiences into your living room. We bring those flavours you miss to your mouth. We bring old friends, and new friends, into your home without actually bringing them into your home. Yay.


all the food

what can we say? we’re super popular… we’re lucky enough to have such great friends. 
All vendors get listed on our awesome new online directory pvmt (Pavement), Scope em out below!

what is curbside?

the pickup

Order online, arrive curbside, pop your trunk, get food. Yay.

the food

This ain’t no take out, this is your favourite dine-in food, crafted to taste as good at home as it does by the bar.

the experience

 Live stream cooking classes, virtual trivia nights, living room dance parties. All your favourite restaurant experiences… at home.

why curbside pivot?

safer, better, funner

What would you prefer, to lick a sparkly clean kitchen counter or the back of a delivery drivers car? Exactly. Your fave restaurants are already regulated to strict hygiene standards, combined with a contactless system from start to finish? Bazinga.

support local

Popular delivery services charge 30% to the restaurant, plus a gazillion% to you the customer. Curbside pivot? 5% split between the two of you. In short… your giving money to people, not a company.

cause girl, we wanna have fun

Lets be honest… the current situation isn’t ideal. But there’s still birthdays, anniversaries, baby showers and Friday nights to be had. We can still have fun, and by jove we’re gonna.